What's your break?

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What is Break Brittle?

Break Brittle is a collection of premium, crispy, crunchy, cashew brittles that have become a smash hit on the West Coast. These delicious artisan confections are gluten-free, vegan and crafted without butter or oil or any added fats! (How does she do it?)

Break Brittle is offered in five flavors: Chocolate Salted Cashew, Chocolate Espresso Cashew (sprinkled with Blue Bottle Espresso), Toasted Coconut Cashew, Chocolate Orange Cashew, and Chocolate Peppermint Cashew.

Break Brittles are created and produced in the San Francisco Bay Area.  However, there is more to Break Brittle than the fact that it is absolutely the most delicious brittle ever on so many levels.

Break Brittle’s Mission

Break Brittle’s mission is all about making heart to heart connections with someone you want to know better.

All you need to do is break off a piece of Break Brittle, pass it forward and start a conversation about your personal “Break,” “Break Out,” “Break Through,” “Lucky Break,” – get the idea?

Break off a piece of Break Brittle. Share it with a friend. Begin a conversation and deepen a relationship. Packaged in a clear 4-ounce bag, it’s just enough to share. 

After all, it’s not about what we accumulate in life, but about experiences we share and connections we make.

Now go enjoy Break Brittle and thanks for supporting this little biz.


Break Brittle Chocolate Salted Cashew Brittle is the bomb!  And it's healthy, no added fat, no peanuts! Jason, Lafayette

The brittle is amazing!  I bought two and came back only a few hours later for another two! I always say I'm going to use them for hostess gifts but so far I've eaten them all myself! Check out the Mission Statement - the brittle has something to say. Laura, San Francisco

I have to say that your Chocolate Salted Cashew Brittle is the stuff that dreams are made of.  How do I buy it if I live in South Florida? Joan, Florida

I'm not particularly a sweet eater but your brittle has won me over - delicious, mouthwatering! I heard the owners name is really "Candy," could that be true!!! Matthew, Berkeley

I've tried all four flavors but once you've had the Chocolate Espresso you'll never go back. Sprinkle it over coffee ice cream with a few fresh raspberries - absolutely to die for. Abby, Mill Valley